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Our facility is a Christian based development that provides rehab for alcohol and drug addicts. We will work hard to determine the root cause of your addiction. Usually, addictions are formed when people turn away from faith and towards temptations like drugs and alcohol to resolve their problems. Although we understand how this can seem like a good option at the time, it is not the answer.

Are you struggling with an addiction? If the answer is yes, then you need professional help at our facility. Fighting your addiction is not an easy task. It is a physically and emotionally exhausting struggle that will continue to spread unless you turn to our Lord and Savior for strength. Whether it’s been a month or a year or even a day, it is time you seek assistance to battle this addiction. Firstly, you must trust God because his blessings are the key to your success. Surely he will give you the courage and strength to diminish your addiction.

There are many relationship or career problems that can lead to an addiction. They can be anything from a divorce to a lost job. Emotional pain can lead to substance abuse in many cases. Alcohol and/or drugs can seem like an escape from your problems. Your issues can even be a result of depression disorders or chemical imbalances in the body. Our Christian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Programs can treat and diagnose these psychological issues. Our staff is very experienced and conducts thorough clinical exams to evaluate each individual’s personal struggles and develop a treatment plan accordingly. Using these evaluations, medical history, and current health records, each individual receives a treatment program that acutely fits their needs.

Our treatment center allows each individual to embrace God once again and to reconnect with their loved ones. Because of the individuality and unique personality of each of our patients, our Christian rehab counselors use specific and custom faith based treatments. A religiously centered organization method helps patients get rid of their old habits and live a Christian life. At Christian Drug Detox and Rehab Greensburg, PA, our staff devotes their time to help you defeat your addiction and live a sober life in the name of our lord.

What should I expect from Christian Drug Detox and Rehab?

Our religious approach at our treatment centers helps our patients once again become close to the lord. Our therapy sessions offer spiritual rejuvenation of the body and soul. Activities such as group counseling, worship restraints, life skills courses, and substance free treatment largely aid in the patient returning to a healthy Christian life. Once the patient’s spirit has been revived, they stop depending on their addiction and start depending on the lord.

Call us today at (724) 602-2585 in Greensburg, PA

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Christian Drug Detox and Rehab
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